Living at Concord House

All about Concord House

Concord House is a residential community which houses students of any faith who wish to live substance-free. Residents agree to live by the 10 Commandments and to follow the Golden Rule. You will enjoy its central location in the heart of the University of Wisconsin campus.

With both shared and personal living space, Concord House creates a sense of community while allowing you plenty of space for study and relaxation.

Who can live at Concord House?

We serve students enrolled in accredited post-secondary degree or professional certification programs who wish to live in a community of spiritual seekers. Because Concord House and its parent organization, the Student Center Foundation, maintain a strong connection to Christian Science churches throughout the region, vacant rooms are offered first to students who are Christian Scientists. Recent graduates may request to continue their residency at Concord House until the start of the following school year.

Are you affiliated with the University?

No, Concord House is privately owned and operated by the non-profit Student Center Foundation.

How big are the rooms?

At an average size of 225 ft², each of our seven spacious rooms give you plenty of privacy. All rooms include lofts which are accessible by ladders and/or stairs. The rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, and chest of drawers. The rooms are not all uniform, so check the floor plans in our photo gallery for a closer look.

How much does it cost to live there?

We try to keep our room rates in line with, or below, the UW dorm rates. This year’s rates are posted on our Current Rates page. We give discounts to students who choose to share a room instead of having a single. Residents also receive a discounted rate on parking.

You have downtown parking too?

Yes, we own a total of six parking spots in our underground parking garage. The garage is co-owned by the Student Center Foundation and our next door neighbors, the Luther Memorial Campus Center. Spots that are not rented out to residents at the beginning of the term are sold to non-residents at a higher price.

What’s the bathroom situation like?

Both the men’s and women’s bathrooms are shared and each include 2 showers, 2 sinks, and 2 toilet stalls. There are also 2 private, unisex, half-baths in the first floor common area.

Are there any house rules?

Students that live at Concord House must agree to live by high moral standards. This includes refraining from intoxicants, tobacco, illicit drugs, and controlled substances, profanity, obscene language and premarital sex. Because residents agree to live by the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule, we help cultivate an atmosphere of respect that is highly conducive to learning.

Are there any house activities?

The community has house dinners every other week at mutually convenient times. Also, the Christian Science Organization sometimes hosts Bible studies and other events in the shared space.

What if something breaks?

We employ a house manager who maintains office hours at Concord of about 20 hours per week. The house manager is very communicative with residents and can respond to any maintenance requests 24 hours a day.

What sort of amenities are included?

The first floor has lots of soft seating and study places available to work alone or in groups along with a wide screen cable TV. Meals are cooked in a shared kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances and includes private cupboard space, refrigerator space, and freezer space for each resident. The laundry is free as well as free printing. For a complete list of features, please consult the table above.

Community Facilities
Bathrooms Men’s + Women’s + Unisex
Cable Television checkmark
Coffee Maker checkmark
Computer checkmark
Full-size Freezer 1
Full-size Refrigerators 2
Garage Parking Limited Availability
Lounge Area checkmark
Kitchen utensils checkmark
Microwave checkmark
Oven checkmark
Pots/pans checkmark
Private Study Room checkmark
Printer/Copier/Scanner checkmark
Storage Space Limited Availability
Stove-top/Range checkmark
Toaster checkmark
Upright Piano checkmark
Washer and dryer checkmark
Waterslide NO
Wireless Internet 100 Mbps
Wood-burning fireplace checkmark