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Christian Science Organization & Student Life

In addition to providing affordable, substance-free housing on campus, we also host the Christian Science Organization – a student organization affiliated with the Christian Science church.

What is Christian Science?

A Christian denomination founded in the 1800s with the goal of “reinstating primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing.” The hallmark of the early Christian church was the universal healing going on, and Christian Scientists seek to unlock the truths of the Bible which demonstrate the present power of God today.

Why is “science” in the name?

Mention of the word science usually conjures images of test tubes and lab coats, but science in its purest form is the pursuit of truth: examining what is real and what isn’t. Science is also something universal – it doesn’t take sides. While most modern applications of the word refer to the physical sciences, Christian Science is more like the universal study of the spirit, examining what is real versus what is superstitious.

Do I need to be a Christian Scientist to attend a CSO meeting?

No! The founding pastor of the Christian Science church, Mary Baker Eddy, did not at first intend to start a new denomination, but simply wanted to share her insights on the Bible and Jesus’ incredible healing ministry with all Christians. Our organization is inclusive of all seekers, regardless of your faith background (or lack thereof!).

Where can I find out more?

To start, you can read our longer description of the CSO on this website. But the best way to learn more is to attend a CSO meeting on campus yourself. We post upcoming events online (when applicable), and we also provide links to other resources you can check out to educate yourself more.