Saturday Discussions & Bible Study

This semester the CSO will be hosting weekly discussion meetings every Saturday afternoon. We intend to be flexible with these meetings and focus the topic on what students want to discuss. In the absence of a specific, requested topic, we’ll always fall back on conducting a somewhat typical Bible study – where we read one or two chapters from the Bible, and then discuss our first impressions and reactions to what read.

The Bible study component is going to focus around the book of Acts this semester, and we may draw insights from some outside study guides, as well as some Christian Science reference books. The book of Acts covers the establishment of the original church in the face of social and political opposition, and examines how the Spirit of God was most keenly felt when the status quo was challenged and underwent dramatic change.

We’ll also be providing lunch over these meetings for anyone who participates (probably pizza, open to other ideas too).

All of our meetings take place on the first floor of the Christian Science Organization building, located at 315 N. Mills. Feel free to walk right in. (And if we ever forget to unlock the door, then simply ring the bell.)

Feel free to leave a comment below with ideas for future discussion topics. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Saturday Discussions & Bible Study

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